A recent law against choking provides more protection for victims of domestic violence.  The law, which was passed in 2009, makes it a felony to impede or block the breathing of a family member or dating partner. DIVORCED Before the law was passed, choking was considered to be on the same level as a slap or punch and was hardly, if ever, prosecuted or considered to rise to the level of chargeable Go domestic violence. Now, if a person is convicted of choking or strangling another person they can face 2 to 10 years in prison.  The motivation behind the law is the idea that choking someone is a red flag for mi increasing violence– violence that has a greater likelihood of ending in death.

If you or someone you ingredients know is suffering through a domestic violence situation, contact our office immediately.  You may be eligible to obtain a protective order to protect yourself and your family from the abuser.  A protective order can also protect your children and other people who live with you.  At Hegwood & Associates, we will work quickly to help you obtain the protection you deserve.

For more information about the choking law and to see how it has already helped victims of domestic violence see:


Katy Perry and Russell Brand were divorced this week, ending their 14 month marriage.  Even though the couple reached a divorce settlement months ago, California law requires couples to wait 6 months before they can be officially divorced.
Thankfully for Texas residents, a Texas court can dissolve your marriage only 60 days, 1/3 of the time, after a Petition for Divorce is filed.  There are exceptions to this waiting period for cases of domestic violence.  Parties can get into court sooner than the 60 days through Temporary Orders hearings if they need more immediate relief, such as child custody and visitation provisions or support.

If you are ready or in need of a divorce, the experienced and dedicated attorneys and team at Hegwood & Associates are ready to guide you through the process as quickly and seamlessly as possible.