Month: September 2016

Don’t Be Shy: Talk to Parents About the Future

The challenge of helping aging parents is a most common issue. For example, a man’s father, who recently was diagnosed with dementia, couldn’t remember where his money or financial records were kept. That makes for a gut-wrenching situation, trying to locate important documents while caring for an ailing father.

Have that tough conversation now and concentrate on the top areas of your...

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Changes are Happening All the Time: Keep Your Estate Plan Current

Congratulations! After putting it off for as long as humanly possible, you’ve finally completed and implemented your estate plan. Check that box and cross that off the list! But are you really finished with the planning? The answer must be “no,” or this would be a very short post.

There’s one very important step that remains: a periodic review and update of your estate plan in its ent...

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