Month: July 2019

The Hegwood Law Group discusses the difference between two types of trust, revocable and irrevocable.

Legal Lingo: What’s The Difference Between A Revocable And An Irrevocable Trust?

Talking with some attorneys about your end of life plans can be like trying to communicate with someone from a different planet. Latin phrases and acronyms get thrown around to impress you, or to justify their prices. And nobody seems to care whether you understand the plan you are walking out the door with or are as confused as a goat on astroturf. 

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Hegwood Law Group discusses Sam Houston's will and how similar it is to modern wills.

Estate Planning Tips From A Texas Hero

The life of Sam Houston is the stuff of legend. He left home at a young age to live with the Cherokee, led the Texian Army to victory at the Battle of San Jacinto, and is the only man elected to serve as the governor of two different states — Texas and Tennessee. You might assume that someone who lived such an extraordinary life, or who died so long ago, would ha...

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