Month: November 2020

traditional and digital estate planning

The Technologies That Will Transform Estate Planning Forever

The estate planning industry is constantly changing. Technological advances make it easier than ever for both estate planning attorneys and their clients to get affairs in order. There is no doubt that there is a lot to be excited about in the field. Modernizing the estate planning process has been a long time coming, and COVID-19 has only further inspired developers to make their offerings ...

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Senior signing a document

Three Changes You May Want to Make to Your Estate Plan Due to the Pandemic

You may need to reevaluate some elements of your estate plan in light of the coronavirus pandemic, especially if there is a spike of cases due to the holidays. There are unique aspects of this crisis that your current estate planning documents may not be suited to handle or verbiage that is missing from these crucial documents that would prevent your agent from acting in your best interest. ...

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A piggy bank

Don’t Forget to Fund Your Revocable Living Trust

Revocable trusts are a very popular and useful estate planning tool, but the trust will be ineffective or non-existent if you do not actually place your assets in the trust (also referred to as “funding the trust”). Revocable trusts are an effective way to avoid probate and provide for asset management in the event of your incapacity or disability. In addition, revocable trusts - sometimes c...

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