Month: January 2021

Senior man wearing a face mask

Estate Planning During Times of Uncertainty

We are all living through uncertain times, and dare I say it – unprecedented times. Nobody knows exactly how the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to impact our lives or when it will end. While the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has indeed upended virtually every aspect of our modern lives, there are lessons to take away from the last year. The pandemic was certainly unprecedented, but feelings ...

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A man and woman moving to a new home

Recalibrating Your Estate Plans After a Move

Each year, more than four million Americans move to a new state. Amidst the chaos of moving boxes and mail forwarding, it is easy for small details to get lost in the shuffle. Every state has its own rules and regulations regarding state taxes, marital property, and inheritance, so you will want to spend some time ensuring your assets – and the best interests of your family – are protected. Her...

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A woman signing documents

Why Having an Imperfect Estate Plan Is Better Than Not Having One At All

There are many unknowns when planning for your family’s future, but you cannot let the uncertainties get in the way of creating any kind of plan. Having an imperfect plan is usually better than having no plan at all. No plan means more problems for your children or beneficiaries and leads to family discord. When establishing your estate planning documents, you want to be able to consider all...

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A divorced couple

Estate Planning Checklist for the Recently Divorced

The end of a marriage comes with many new beginnings. Starting a new chapter in life can be scary, thrilling, and more than a little uncertain. While you are likely eager to move on, there are certain responsibilities to take care of before you can fully do so. These chores are not always fun to think about – after all, nobody likes to consider who should inherit their assets when they die. Mak...

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