Author: Kim Hegwood

What if I Don’t Want a Guardianship?

For children and adults who are no longer able to care for themselves, a guardianship allows someone else the legal authority to make decisions for them and to manage their affairs. But filing for guardianship is not always ideal for both parties. Guardianship may take away too much power from the ward and with mandatory reporting and various other responsibilities, may prove to time consuming ...

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What to Expect During Probate When There Isn’t a Will

Most people know about a last will and testament that helps transfer assets from an individual who has passed away to their listed beneficiaries. In the time following the death of the benefactor or the “decedent” the property and assets go into what has known as probate. Probate is the legal process involved in transferring property from the deceased’s estate to their beneficiaries. Probate...

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