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Forming an estate plan can seem overwhelming. After all, you are considering what will happen to your property after your death. While this is never easy to think about, working with a seasoned attorney can help ease the process.

The cornerstone of each estate plan is the will. This dictates what happens to your assets after your death and can help simplify the probate process. Reach out to a Bay City wills lawyer today to discuss your goals and draft documents that have the desired legal effect.

What is a Will?

A will is a foundational document that determines which of your heirs will receive your property after your death. It is also a way to control the probate process that must occur after every person’s death.

A will should mention all of a person’s assets and specifically name heirs to receive this property. The document should also nominate a person to serve as the estate’s executor. This leaves no confusion regarding an individual’s intent and can help to avoid costly and time-consuming legal battles.

Most importantly, a comprehensive will overrides the state’s intestacy rules. Texas Estates Code § 201.001 et. seq. describes how a probate court must distribute assets to a decedent’s family members if they die without a will. Having a will in place avoids this often-inefficient distribution of assets. A Bay City wills attorney could provide more information on the purpose and legal effect of these documents.

Drafting Comprehensive and Legally Sound Documents

A will must mention any family of the testator, even if you are not leaving them anything.  This lessens the probability of family members having a fight after death about the competency of the testator.  The will must appoint an independent executor to serve without bond. This provision will save your family unnecessary legal fees. A will should leave the assets to someone, list specific bequests, and state what should happen if the heir predeceases the testator.

At Hegwood Law Group, our wills lawyers could help draft a will that meets all of these requirements and lessen the potential of a probate contest.

Requirements for a Last Will and Testament

It is also essential to draft documents that fit the state’s rules of construction. While any written document may serve as a will, drafting a document that satisfies the legal formation requirements lowers the chances of confusion or future legal battles.

Under Texas Estates Code § 251.051, a written will must contain the signature of the testator and those of at least two witnesses who observed the signing. A Bay City lawyer at our firm could take the lead in drafting a will that is both detailed and legally valid.

Contact a Bay City Wills Attorney Today

Having a comprehensive, up-to-date, and legally valid will is essential for protecting your family’s future. These documents influence the probate process and save time and money for your loved ones. Ideally, a will can result in a quick inheritance without any legal challenges.

A Bay City wills lawyer is ready to listen to your concerns and begin forming your estate plan. This includes evaluating your current will, speaking with you to understand your goals, and drafting documents that leave no doubt as to how you want to move your assets after your death. Contact our team now to learn more about this important process.

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