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A divorced couple

Estate Planning Checklist for the Recently Divorced

The end of a marriage comes with many new beginnings. Starting a new chapter in life can be scary, thrilling, and more than a little uncertain. While you are likely eager to move on, there are certain responsibilities to take care of before you can fully do so. These chores are not always fun to think about – after all, nobody likes to consider who should inherit their assets when they die. Mak...

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Katy Perry and Russell Brand were divorced this week, ending their 14 month marriage.  Even though the couple reached a divorce settlement months ago, California law requires couples to wait 6 months before they can be officially divorced.
Thankfully for Texas residents, a Texas court can dissolve your marriage only 60 days, 1/3 of the time, after a Petition for Divorce is filed.  The...

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