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Special Needs Estate Planning: Basic Strategies and Tactics

Families with children with disabilities need to take extra precautions in their estate planning.  This is true regardless of whether the child with special needs is a minor or is now an adult – especially if they will one day need to collect any public benefits like Medicaid or SSI.  The details will depend greatly upon the child’s competency and age, but it is never too soon to start consider...

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Not On the Same Page? What to Do if Your Spouse Disagrees With You About Estate Planning

Marriage is about compromise, which usually means coming to an agreement about where to live, whether to have kids, and possibly even when to retire. Unfortunately, some couples find themselves in complete disagreement about planning for the future. Retirement is something so many people look forward to; especially with your significant other. If you find yourself frustrated by your spouse’s ou...

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The Procrastinator’s Guide to Estate Planning

Estate planning is important – you probably already know this much to be true. Unfortunately, the importance of such a task does not make it any more appealing when it comes time to get your affairs in order. Nobody likes to think about their own mortality, and it is hard to feel motivated to put plans in place. Should you fail to prepare, though, you risk dying intestate, or without a will. Th...

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How to Divvy Up Personal Assets Without Splitting Up the Family

Gathering your personal possessions and deciding who to distribute them to can be one of the most difficult tasks when creating an estate plan. To avoid family feuds after you are gone, it is important to have a plan and make your wishes clear to those you leave behind. When passing on personal belongings to your heirs, savings, investments, and other financial accounts are easy to divvy up ...

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Estate Planning for Those You Love (Including Four-Legged Children)!

There is no doubt about it: pets are members of the family. Whether you are a cat person, a dog lover, or prefer the company of birds or guinea pigs, most people can agree that these furry friends are indeed precious and are treated like children. As you plan for the future, you may be wondering: what will happen to my pets should I become incapacitated or pass away? Thankfully, there are sever...

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