Category: Gift Tax

Family Gifts: What to Do & What Not to Do

Generosity can be a beautiful thing. There is nothing quite like working hard for a living and sharing what you have earned with your loved ones. Unfortunately, though, there are some limitations on that sense of generosity when it comes to taxes and other factors to take into consideration when it comes to estate planning. Noble motives do not matter in the eyes of the government; each America...

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The 411 on the Generation-Skipping Trust

The estate tax impacts just a small number of Americans, but those who are affected have a heavy burden. At the tax rate of 40%, estate tax is onerous enough to make efforts to avoid at all costs, especially those who intend to leave assets to grandchildren or younger heirs with generation-skipping trusts, GST trusts, or dynasty trusts. They will need to address the added burden of generatio...

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