Category: Guardianship

Protecting the Vulnerable: Texas Laws Concerning Guardianship

Guardianship was conceived as a means of assisting individuals incapable of fully attending to their own needs, either because they are children whose parents have died or are not physically or emotionally up to the task, or because they are elderly and physically or mentally incapacitated. While in old English novels wards are often orphaned children, most current cases of guardianship concern...

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What if I Don’t Want a Guardianship?

For children and adults who are no longer able to care for themselves, a guardianship allows someone else the legal authority to make decisions for them and to manage their affairs. But filing for guardianship is not always ideal for both parties. Guardianship may take away too much power from the ward and with mandatory reporting and various other responsibilities, may prove to time consuming ...

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Complete a Complete Estate Plan

When it comes to planning, the focus is typically on making you better prepared for the future. That means limiting taxes, creating wiser investment strategies, knowing when it’s best to claim Social Security and developing sustainable retirement income plans. All of these help you on the path to your financial future and your long-term goals. But The Brainerd (MN) Dispatch reports ...

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