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Trusts from A to Z

Many folks assume that trust funds are only for the rich, however, people in all types of economic circumstances may see a benefit from them. A trust fund is a special legal arrangement that lets a benefactor arrange for certain assets to go to someone else. ...</p

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Secure Intellectual Property Rights for Your Estate

Are you an inventor, an author, artist or the owner of a closely held business? If so, you may have already taken action to secure your intellectual property rights. Certain types of intellectual property—like business ideas, visual art, published or unpublished literary and musical works, inventions, computer programs, clothing design and architecture—may be protected by federal law through...

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The Do-It-Yourself Will Can Be a Bargain or a Bust

A majority of Americans (about 66%) don’t have a written will, and for most, it’s something they’ve postponed until later. It’s natural to think about assets as you age, and if you don’t have children or many assets, and you’re OK with your closest blood relative (a parent or sibling) getting your property outright, you can probably get away without having a wil...

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