What are the benefits of having a will?

The primary benefit of having a will is that property will be disposed of in the manner that the deceased chose. When people die without a will, their property is transferred according to the law, and nobody has any say about where the property goes and what happens to it.

Also, when people die without having created a will, their assets will be frozen for a period of time. There are several court proceedings that must occur before property can be passed on. The court has to determine who the heirs of the deceased are and may have to appoint an administrator. The administrator inventories assets, locates the heirs, pays off debts and other claims and finally distributes the property. Certain legal documents will be needed to transfer certain types of property.

A will may also save the deceased’s family from tension and drama. Most of the time, they will simply have to accept how the relative wanted the assets to be distributed, whereas there could be a greater chance of a legal battle if the asset distribution is determined by law.

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