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Essentials of Estate Planning

Your Estate Planning Options — Wills, Living Trusts and Disability

Learn the estate planning basics every adult in Texas MUST know to protect their assets, children, pets and end-of-life wishes following their death or incapacity.

In this fast, fun and straightforward seminar hosted by the attorneys of Hegwood Law Group, you will discover:

  • How a will does NOT protect your family if you are incapacitated and do not die in an accident…and what you can do to close the loopholes!
  • How free power of attorney or medical directive forms available at hospitals or stationary stores will ultimately fail when your family needs them the most.
  • Easy ways to protect your family from expensive and time-consuming court battles to claim what’s rightfully theirs if you die or become incapacitated in the state of Texas.
  • What is probate and what does it have to do with your current will?
  • Who gets control of your money, your children and your assets if you are in incapacitated on a short- OR long-term basis…and easy steps to make sure it’s the person YOU want in charge!
  • The hidden flaws in relying on beneficiary designations to pass on your retirement plans, annuities, IRAs, life insurance, bank accounts and brokerage accounts…and Asset Protection elements of both.
  • How to protect your children’s inheritance from being lost through divorce, death, bankruptcy and lawsuits, and how to protect your “special needs” child’s inheritance without jeopardizing their eligibility for government assistance.
  • Common mistakes parents make that allow police the to take their minor children out of the house and put them into the hands of foster care…even with family members ready and willing to help…if you were temporarily or permanently injured in an accident.
  • How to pass on an inheritance to your children or other heirs free from income tax and the death Tax…and ways to do it maximum growth potential in mind.

The information provided in this seminar will save you thousands of dollars in legal fees and unnecessary heartache following the death or incapacity of a loved one.


Medicaid Seminar

The expense of long-term care planning and nursing home care is a cause of concern for many people. Americans are living longer than ever before, but not necessarily better. With the high cost of care, people worry that the assets they have worked so hard for could be gone in the matter of months at the hands of a nursing home facility.

Yet with proper planning, seniors can learn what assets are exempt in the first place…and how to hang on to those assets that are not. In this FREE Medicaid planning seminar presented by the attorneys of Hegwood Law Group, you’ll also discover:

  • The top 10 Medicaid Myths stopping you or your loved ones from getting the care they deserve
  • Easy ways to keep more money in your pocket and out of the hands of professionals when budgeting for Medicaid Planning and nursing home costs.
  • How to properly protect your family’s assets from the hands of nursing homesor other long-term care establishments.
  • Insider secrets to help you choose the best, and safest, long term-care facility…andhow to ensure your loved one’s rights are protected when you’re not around.
  • The number one way senior citizens become impoverished by nursing home costs…and how YOU can avoid going broke in the process.
  • How planning ahead for your long-term care will protect your assets and save you THOUSANDS of dollars in legal, medical and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • How “traditional estate planning” or “living trusts” can sabotage your nursing home planning…and how to ensure you aren’t taken advantage of by lawyers in the process.

The information provided in this seminar will save you thousands of dollars in legal fees and help you successfully navigate the confusing waters of end-of-life care from a legal, financial and physical perspective.


Special Needs Seminar

Every parent of a special needs child secretly wonders, “What will happen to my child when I am gone,” and “How will he/she be provided for financially in my absence?”

Well worry no more, as the attorneys from Hegwood Law Group, are pulling back the veil to show you insider ways to get the most benefits and care for your special needs child NOW, in addition to vital information on how to protect your child legally, financially and physically when you’re gone.

In this free, no-obligation seminar, parents with special needs children will discover:

  • What public benefits are available to your child NOW…and the quickest ways to obtain them.
  • How to make an effective plan for your special needs child so you can rest easy knowing your child will be cared for physically and financially when you’re gone
  • What are special needs trusts and how to use them.
  • How to ensure you’re working with the right legal and financial advisors for your child…and how to avoid being taken advantage of in the process.
  • Critical steps in protecting a special needs child should the parent ever become incapacitated or unable to care for them on a short-term OR long-term basis.
  • How to set up a long-term support system for an individual with life-long disabilities…which is critical to the quality of their overall care.

Topics also covered include eligibility for government benefits programs, preserving eligibility for government benefits, how work affects SSI and SSDI, housing options, guardianship and less intrusive alternatives to guardianship.

You will gain great peace of mind by taking the time to plan for your disabled child’s future while you still have the health, time and energy to do so. We’ll equip you with practical action steps and recommendations for parents, siblings and grandparents of special needs children and how the family’s resources can be used to maximize the quality of life their family member will enjoy.


Nine Steps to Make Sure Your Children Are Protected…No Matter What!

Without immediate action, your children are at risk of being cared for by someone you would NEVER choose if something happened to you.

BUT it doesn’t have to be that way!

Instead, join YOUR Neighborhood Child Protection Planning Experts from Hegwood Law Group, for a FREE educational, no-strings-attached seminar where you’ll discover:

  • The nine simple steps you can take immediately to ensure your children are cared for by the people you want, in a way you want, should something happen to you or your spouse.
  • Common mistakes parents make that allow the police the to take their minor children out of the house and into the hands of foster care…even with family members ready and willing to help if you were temporarily or permanently injured in an accident.
  • How to keep your children from the expenses and delays of the court system….and out of the hands of a judge assigned to make painful custody or financial decisions on your family’s behalf.
  • The six common mistakes parents make when naming guardians for their minor children…and how to ‘undo’ those mistakes if you’ve made one.
  • How to ensure your money is immediately available to your chosen guardians so your children won’t need handouts or state aid should something happen to you…and why this must be PRIVATE to keep every con-artist in town away from your family’s inheritance.
  • How to ensure your current will, trust or other estate planning documents won’t FAIL (which they do 99 percent of the time, even when drafted by lawyers) when your family needs them the most.

Acquiring this information could cost you thousands of dollars in legal fees, but now you can get it FREE with no strings attached through this educational seminar.

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