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“Is a Small Memory Care Home Right For My Loved One?” With Nate Manthey

In this episode, Kim Hegwood is joined by Nate Manthey from Light Heart Memory Care! Nate discusses small memory care homes, how they differ from large memory care facilities, and the impact that COVID-19 has had on the industry.

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Phone- (281) 282-0770

Activity and Communication For People With Dementia With Robyn Horn

Robyn Horn is the owner of H.I.S. Cornerstone, a company that provides continuing education to nurses, social workers, and case managers for the elderly. She discusses why it’s important to develop a daily plan for a person with dementia, strategies for communicating to those with dementia, and how to anticipate the triggers to avoid common behavioral problems.

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Balancing Life, Work, and Caring for Dementia With Qiana James

Kim Hegwood is joined by Qiana James, founder of Friendly Faces Senior Care! Qiana discusses how to be a working professional while caring for a loved one with dementia, how to avoid caregiver burnout, and how to know when it is time to seek professional help.

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Phone- (281) 302-4138

Tips For Managing the Guilt That Often Comes With Caregiving With Laura Wayman

The Dementia Whisperer Laura Wayman joined us again for more helpful caregiving tips! She discusses how to manage the guilt that may come with caregiving, such as when others are doing a better job, how to deal with negative feelings, and what to do when you want time for yourself.

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3 Different Types of Grief and Coping During This Pandemic with Leslie Marchand

Leslie Marchand is a Social Worker and Bereavement Counselor at Silverado Hospice of North Houston and the founder of SoYoCo Wellness. She discusses the 3 forms of grief, how to cope with the death of a friend or family member, ambiguous loss, and how the pandemic is changing the way we grieve.

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Simple Time Habits to Get More Out of Your Day with Marla Regan

Marla Regan, owner of Organized Time, specializes in helping people with their mental and physical clutter. In this episode, she discusses time habits, why they are important, advice for caregivers who feel they have little time, and her #1 piece of advice to help caregivers manage their time.

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Phone- (281) 682-0127

For This I am Grateful, Living with Dementia with Christine Thelker

Christine Thelker, author of “For This I am Grateful,” has been living on her own with dementia since she was diagnosed at the age of 55. Christine discusses how long it took to develop her Attitude of Gratitude, the DIA, what she wants medical professionals to know, and why she decided to write her book.

Christine Thelker’s Book:

For This I am Grateful, Living with Dementia

How Fitness Leads to Independence and Healthy Aging with Jake Trione

Jake Trione is the Co-Founder and Owner of TriFitness Gym, a small personal coaching gym for individuals 50+. Jake discusses how the fitness industry has failed us, why functional fitness matters, what it takes to stay healthy and independent over the years, how to best maintain a fitness routine, and how to exercise with injuries, surgeries, disease, etc.

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Phone- (281) 786-1189

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Food After 50: Adjusting Your Eating Habits as You Age with Shonah Jefferson

As the Executive Chef and Owner of Chefs For Seniors – North Houston, Shonah and her team help those who need assistance with preparing nutritious meals, whether they are no longer able to cook, they have dietary restrictions, or they just returned home from the hospital. Shonah discusses the connection between nutrition and aging, how the lack of access to healthy foods prevents seniors from aging in place, how seniors can improve their health with healthier food choices, and the healthy eating plans for seniors!

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Phone- (832) 956-1848

Mental Health Challenges and Solutions During This Pandemic with Lisa Milliken

Lisa Milliken, MA, CCC, FNAP, CDP has served in many healthcare roles and is most passionate about mentoring healthcare professionals across the country. She discusses some of the triggers during the pandemic that further presents challenges for our mental health and well-being, who is at greater risk for negative impacts on mental health, some solutions to prevent the resulting mental health declines, and which strategies may work better than others!

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Phone- (346) 334-8777

When Grandma Has Dementia- How to Talk to Kids with Kathryn Harrison

Kathryn Harrison, author/illustrator of “Weeds in Nana’s Garden,” discusses what drove her to create her book, why her story is set in a garden, who helped her create her book, her second book titled “I Smile For Grandpa,” why these books are the right choice for families looking for a book about dementia and Alzheimer’s, and why it is so important to talk to kids about dementia!

Kathryn Harrison’s Books:

Weeds in Nana’s Garden

I Smile For Grandpa

End of Life Care and COVID-19 Restrictions with Angela Cross

Angela Cross from Compassus Hospice discusses hospice as a service and not a place, how hospice helps during COVID-19, advanced care planning during COVID-19, and comfort, safety, and quality of life!

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(713) 850-8853

The Dementia Roadmap with Lizette Cloete

Lizette Cloete, Occupational Therapist and Founder of “Think Different” Dementia, discusses: why staging dementia is important, what can be done to help families get “on the same page” regarding their loved one’s stages of dementia, what a dementia roadmap is, the importance of knowing dementia progression, whether to keep your loved one home until the end of life, and whether to bring your loved one with dementia home from a facility.

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Think Different Dementia Facebook Group


How the Alzheimer’s Association is Continuing to Provide Services During the Pandemic with Ann Marie McDonald

Ann Marie McDonald is the Chief Program Officer of the Houston and Southeast Texas chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. She discusses the resources that are available 24/7, types of caregiver support, the NEW people-centered care training for direct care workers, how the Association supports research, and US Pointer- the new risk reduction study enrolling in Houston!

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Alzheimer’s Association Phone- (800) 272-3900

Ann Marie’s Phone- (713) 798-5452


“Is Your Home Ready For You to Live In Forever?” with Christian Fitsch-Mouras

Christian Fitsch-Mouras, owner of Mobility 101 in Houston, discusses the differences between mobility and accessibility, what it means to age in place, how early homeowners should consider it, and where to find the services and equipment needed.

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Phone- (832) 701-0101


Becoming an Informed Caregiver with Eddie Orum

Eddie Orum is a volunteer for AARP and a caregiver for his aunt, for whom he has relied on community resources to learn how to provide respectful care for. He discusses what influenced him to become a caregiver, how he has educated himself to be an informed caregiver, his advice for current and future caregivers, and the AARP 5 important steps for caregiving.

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English phone- (877) 333-5885

Spanish phone- (888) 971-2013

How to Use Your Home to Stay at Home with Jon Karuschkat

Jon Karuschkat from American Advisors Group has been in the mortgage business for many years, and has been concentrating on reverse mortgages for the past two years. In this episode, he discusses reverse mortgages, how you can use your home to age in place, how a reverse mortgage can help supplement your retirement income and whether that money can pay for in-home care, who is a good candidate for reverse mortgages, and how you can purchase a home by using one.

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(720) 289-7484

Caregiving and the Holidays with Leah Stanley

Leah Stanley, caregiver and author of “Goodnight, Sweet: A Caregiver’s Long Goodbye,” discusses how to handle the caregiver role during the holidays, how to include your loved one with dementia, how to manage emotions regarding your loved one’s condition, the importance of embracing the “now,” and the importance of self-care for caregivers!

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When the Holidays Reveal Your Aging Parents Need Help with Kristen Carlson

Kristen Carlson from Right at Home in Greater Galveston discusses the warning signs that your aging loved one may need assistance, tips for family caregivers during the holidays, options for respite care, and how to have the discussion about outside help with your elderly loved one.

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Phone: (409) 740-7400

“How Can We Raise Dementia Awareness in Our Communities?” with Laura Wayman

Laura Wayman, a.k.a. The Dementia Whisperer, discusses why it is important for our communities to become dementia-aware, how we can raise awareness, what successes have been seen with Laura’s mission, and how anyone can join her campaign.

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CarePartners: A Free Senior Resource with Daryan Jones

CarePartners is a nonprofit, volunteer-led organization that provides support, education, and resources for caregivers and care for those living with memory loss or other challenges of aging. Daryan Jones, Caregiver Education and Digital Specialist for CarePartners, discusses the various resources and services that CarePartners offers to caregivers!

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The Power of Purpose and Planned Giving with John C. Martin

John C. Martin, Director of Estate and Gift Planning for the American Cancer Society, discusses everything you need to know about identifying your purpose and how to implement planned giving into your estate plan.

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Phone- 1 (936)-697-0388


Getting to Know the Long-term Care Ombudsman Program with Greg Shelley

Greg Shelley, Program Manager for the Harris County Long-term Care Ombudsman Program, discusses why nursing home residents and families need rights to visitation, how ombudsmen are visiting nursing homes again, why flu shots are strongly encouraged, and the trends in nursing home COVID-19 transmissions.

Find out more about the Ombudsman program:

Physical and Mental Health Concerns for People Over 50 with Ariel Lee

Ariel Lee is a Family Nurse Practitioner, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, and the CEO of Optimize Health LLC. She discusses the top 3 physical conditions of concern over the age of 50, how to prevent and manage these conditions, how to manage mental health and wellbeing, and which health screenings are recommended at 50.

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How Coaching Can Prepare for Downsizing with Liz McNeel

Liz McNeel is a Downsizing Coach, Realtor, and the Founder of the Houston Senior Living Series where she helps seniors make difficult decisions and serves as a partner during late-in-life moves. She discusses why it is so hard for people to downsize, helpful tips for someone who wants to downsize, the benefits of downsizing for older adults, and how having a coach can make the process easier.

Contact Liz McNeel:

The McNeel Group

Keller Williams Realty Metropolitan

5050 Westheimer, #200, Houston, TX 77056

Phone- (713) 826-2731


Developing Caregiver Resiliency with Melissa Smith

Caregiving can often take its toll on caregivers of the elderly or those with dementia, so it is important to know how to take care of mental and physical health while building resiliency. Melissa Smith, founder and ED of the nonprofit Caregiver Wellness Retreat, discusses what the key strategies are for alienating anxiety in elders, how to focus when we have limited time, and tips to help caregivers build their resiliency muscle.

Contact Melissa Smith:

Caregiver Wellness Retreat –https://www.caregiverwellnessretreat….

How Home Health Care Can Help Keep Seniors Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic
with Laurie Cantrell

Laurie Cantrell, Licensed Clinical Social Worker from AMed Home Health, discusses the different types of care available, how home health care has changed for seniors during the pandemic, how Medicare has changed access to care, and how home health care may be the best option for seniors during the pandemic.

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Website –

Funerals- The Cost of Not Planning with Regina Wagner

Regina Wagner, from AllThings Senior Consulting, shares her knowledge about unexpected costs when planning a funeral and how to avoid paying for things you may not need. Kim and Regina also discuss what planning decisions you will need to make quickly, where the money might come from, and life insurance.

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Senior Scams During COVID-19 with Jennifer Salazar

The COVID-19 pandemic is a great opportunity for new scams to appear. Jennifer Salazar, from the Senior Medicare Patrol with the BBB, discusses which scams are being seen during COVID-19, some of the red flags to watch out for, how scammers get our information, and how to report scams. Seniors who are more isolated due to quarantine are more vulnerable to these scams, but knowing what to look out for can help prevent seniors from falling victim.

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Phone- (713) 341-6184

Facebook –…

Website –

Preparing Seniors with Dementia for a Hurricane with Dale Libby

Dale Libby, chairman and CEO of The Gathering Place in Brazoria County, has both personal and professional expertise helping seniors and caregivers navigate the challenges of dementia. They discuss the importance of remaining calm, how to make a plan, how to create an emergency kit, and how to maintain caregiver health.

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Phone- (979) 308-4525

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