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Elderly Fraud Abuse with Richard Claywell

Too often, we hear of situations where a senior has a friend or family member who they believe is taking care of their bills and finances, when in reality that individual is stealing from the senior’s checking account. Elder abuse and scams are becoming increasingly difficult to identify, so it’s important to know what to look out for. Kim Hegwood is joined by Richard Claywell, CPA, who has seen all kinds of senior scams from fake relationships to calls from the “IRS.” Kim and Richard discuss examples of how individuals can take advantage of seniors, his experience of scam relationships and calls from the “IRS” about paying back taxes, how scams with grandparents work, and advice for seniors and families to help keep senior loved ones safe.

“Always Access Your Medical Records!” with Beth Tofel

Having access to your medical records and health history is so important for you, your doctors, caregivers, and family members. Beth Tofel, an innovator in this field and co-founder of FootprintID, joins Kim Hegwood to discuss personal portable health records! She will explain why it is so important to have a central repository to house medical and health information, how having this information can assist in the caregiving field, the differences between a centralized personal portable health record and using a doctor’s portal or health insurance portal for information, and what you should keep in mind when choosing a personal portable health record solution.

“What Is Recreational Therapy?” with Harriet Wilson

Harriet Wilson from I.D.E.A.L. Therapies joins Kim Hegwood to talk about a type of therapy that may be new to you: recreational therapy! Recreational therapy differs from physical or occupational therapy, and can offer many benefits to a senior loved one. Kim and Harriet discuss this distinction, how recreational therapy can benefit seniors, the licensing requirements to become a recreational therapist, the types of activities it involves, and how aquatic therapy can help seniors.

Knowing When It’s Time to Consider Moving to a Care Community with Pam Ostrowski

Kim Hegwood is joined by Alzheimer’s Family Consultant Pam Ostrowski to talk about a problem facing many families today: knowing when the time is right to move someone you love to a memory care community. Kim and Pam discuss how Pam got involved with helping families with loved ones diagnosed with dementia, when families should start talking about a loved one moving into a care community, the biggest obstacle for both families and the loved one with dementia , and the biggest piece of advice to help families going through this type of move.

No One Is Perfect; a.k.a. Perfection Is Highly Overrated with Irene Olson

Caring for someone long-distance can be quite a challenge. Irene Olson joins Kim Hegwood to talk about the challenges she faced while caring for her father while long-distance, the mistakes she made, what she got right, her experiences to help you become a better caregiver, and why perfection in caregiving is highly overrated!

Siblings Caring for a Parent with Dementia with Linda Fodrini-Johnson

When siblings have to work together to care for a parent with dementia, disagreements and communication issues may arise. Linda Fodrini-Johnson is a Licensed Family Therapist and Certified Geriatric Care Manager who joins Kim Hegwood to discuss how siblings can work together to support a parent with dementia, what to know about the senior parent’s needs and quality of life, how to communicate better with the parent with dementia when they say “no” to every suggestion, what to do when there is a disagreement, and what to do when the parent “fires” every caregiver.

A Budget-Friendly Option for Great Senior Care with Ralph Hurst

Ralph Hurst is a senior advisor and the owner of CarePatrol, where he assists seniors in finding the right local living facility for their needs! Ralph joins Kim Hegwood to talk about the types of living options for seniors, residential care homes as a senior living care option that many families do not know about, safe places for those with dementia, and what the costs may look like.

Navigating the Emergency Department with Dr. Hazel Cebrun

Dr. Hazel Cebrun is a physician and wellness advocate who saw the huge disconnect between the great strides being made in the fields of nutrition and wellness and the actual translation of that information into patients’ lives. She founded Synthesis Health in 2006 to educate and empower individuals to take control of their own health. She joins Kim Hegwood on Life Happens to discuss when to bring a senior loved one to the emergency department, what to expect at the emergency department, tips for an efficient visit, and the best advice she wants caregivers to know!

How to Build Your Caregiving Team with Dr. Renée Harmon

Dr. Renée Harmon is an author, speaker, and educator who recently retired from a 29-year career in family medicine! She joins Kim Hegwood to talk about her experiences while caring for her husband with early-onset dementia, why it is important to have a caregiving team, why it is so hard to ask for help, who should and should not be on your team, some examples of unexpected team members, and how to ask for help.

Finding Connection and Joy Facing Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias with Dani Klein Modisett

In 2008, after her mother became depressed facing an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, Dani Klein Modisett had the idea to hire a comedian to cheer her up. Her idea worked, and it changed the quality of her mother’s end-of-life care. After writing an article about her experience, Dani received hundreds of requests for comedians and launched her company, Laughter On Call. Dani and Kim discuss why she decided to hire a comedian, tools and tricks that are consistent in creating shared laughter, a situation that seemed hopeless that she got through with laughter, and the most important thing about laughing with another person.

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