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Eat Until Your Heart’s Content – How to Enjoy a Heart-Healthy Diet with Shonah Jefferson

We all know it’s important to eat a heart-healthy diet, but sometimes it’s hard to know what you should and shouldn’t eat! Shonah Jefferson, owner of Chefs For Seniors, joins Kim Hegwood once again to celebrate Heart Month and talk about heart-healthy diets and why they are important, examples of heart-healthy foods, some foods that should be limited on a heart-healthy diet, how to find healthy foods at the grocery store, and how to get help if you are too busy to cook.

Preventing Pneumonia at Home with Rick Casey

Pneumonia in elderly adults can often be serious and progress quickly, being the second leading cause for hospitalization of Medicare beneficiaries. Rick Casey, owner of Caring Senior Services, joins Kim Hegwood to explain what exactly pneumonia is, why seniors are at risk, how to prevent a senior from getting pneumonia, how a home care helper can help seniors stay healthy, why activity is so important to help avoid pneumonia, and how a home care worker can keep seniors active.

Differences Between Home Care, Home Health, and Provider Services with Kimberly Pittard

Getting the right kind of care and understanding the differences can be confusing for many families. Kimberly Pittard from Southern Touch Home Health joins Kim Hegwood to discuss the services that home health care provides, whether Medicare pays for home health care, whether you may need a prescription for home health care, how long the prescription will cover, how often services will be provided, and how to choose the right home health care agency.

Preparing a Family for End of Life with Laura LaBry

Laura LaBry has been a nurse for 26 years and is currently with Essential Hospice & Palliative Services. She joins Kim Hegwood to discuss end-of-life wishes, hospice care, whether you need a DNR, how you can continue to live in your own home, and what extra resources are available to patients and their families on hospice care.

The Benefits of Music Therapy for Special Needs Children and How to Access Services with Hannah Masanotti

Hannah Masanotti is a Music Therapist and Clinical Director at Houston Music Therapy, where she primarily works with children, teens, and young adults with developmental, intellectual, physical, emotional, behavioral, and sensory-related disabilities. She joins Kim Hegwood to discuss what music therapy is and what makes someone qualified to provide it, the benefits that music therapy can offer for children with special needs, where children can participate in music therapy, how someone can discover if music therapy will help their child, patient, or student, how affordable it is, and how someone can get started.

“What Is a Residential Care Home, and Should I Choose One?” with Inecia Stewart

When it comes to senior living, there can be a lot of confusion about the different options available. Inecia Stewart is the co-owner of Cozy Living Community, and she joins Kim Hegwood to discuss residential care homes and how they differ from other care facilities, the difference between a Type A facility and a Type B facility, the services that residential assisted living facilities generally provide, state requirements to operate an assisted living facility, how to choose a residential care facility, and the TORCH organization.

“Is it time for a move? Overwhelmed by downsizing?” with Elizabeth Strauss

Moving is a challenge no matter your age, but it can be especially difficult moving in your older years with a lifetime of accumulated memories. Elizabeth Strauss, founder and co-owner of All Organized, explains what a senior move manager is, where to start downsizing, the services she offers in the downsizing process, why a floor plan is so helpful in downsizing, her best tip for downsizing, and her biggest challenge in business.

Understanding Benefits and Risks of Medications with Lisa Milliken

Lisa Milliken, MA, CCC-SLP, FNAP, CDP has served as a practitioner, regional manager, vice president, consultant, compliance director, education specialist, and is currently the owner of Milliken Health Consulting, LLC. Lisa joins Kim Hegwood to discuss medication interactions, the types of symptoms that should be reported to your physician when you start taking new medication, the risks of some herbal medicines, and the risks of antipsychotics for a person with dementia. Medication interactions are crucial to be aware of, especially for seniors and their families.

“Why Do Caregivers Need Support?” with Dr. Eboni Green

Dr. Eboni Green is an author, speaker, educator, and experienced caregiver with a passion for helping caregivers manage stress, prevent burnout, deal with family conflicts, and safeguard their wellbeing. Dr. Green speaks with Kim Hegwood about what makes caregiving different and vital in 2022, what caregivers can do to proactively care for themselves, how family members can work together to meet the needs of their parents or loved ones, and the tools and resources she recommends for caregivers.

Making It Through the “Holi-DAZE” with Laura Wayman

The holidays can be an especially challenging time for those who are caregivers to loved ones with dementia. Kim Hegwood speaks with Laura Wayman, The Dementia Whisperer, about the importance of keeping routines, why you should sing Christmas carols and play traditional music, the importance of keeping traditions, why you should practice Dementia Aware Communication and A Loving Care approach, and why it so important to ask for help.

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