Life Happens Podcast with Kim Hegwood

3 Different Types of Grief and Coping During This Pandemic with Leslie Marchand

Leslie Marchand is a Social Worker and Bereavement Counselor at Silverado Hospice of North Houston and the founder of SoYoCo Wellness. She discusses the 3 forms of grief, how to cope with the death of a friend or family member, ambiguous loss, and how the pandemic is changing the way we grieve.

Simple Time Habits to Get More Out of Your Day with Marla Regan

Marla Regan, owner of Organized Time, specializes in helping people with their mental and physical clutter. In this episode, she discusses time habits, why they are important, advice for caregivers who feel they have little time, and her #1 piece of advice to help caregivers manage their time.

For This I am Grateful, Living with Dementia with Christine Thelker

Christine Thelker, author of “For This I am Grateful,” has been living on her own with dementia since she was diagnosed at the age of 55. Christine discusses how long it took to develop her Attitude of Gratitude, the DIA, what she wants medical professionals to know, and why she decided to write her book.

How Fitness Leads to Independence and Healthy Aging with Jake Trione

Jake Trione is the Co-Founder and Owner of TriFitness Gym, a small personal coaching gym for individuals 50+. Jake discusses how the fitness industry has failed us, why functional fitness matters, what it takes to stay healthy and independent over the years, how to best maintain a fitness routine, and how to exercise with injuries, surgeries, disease, etc.

Food After 50: Adjusting Your Eating Habits as You Age with Shonah Jefferson

As the Executive Chef and Owner of Chefs For Seniors – North Houston, Shonah and her team help those who need assistance with preparing nutritious meals, whether they are no longer able to cook, they have dietary restrictions, or they just returned home from the hospital. Shonah discusses the connection between nutrition and aging, how the lack of access to healthy foods prevents seniors from aging in place, how seniors can improve their health with healthier food choices, and the healthy eating plans for seniors!

Mental Health Challenges and Solutions During This Pandemic with Lisa Milliken

Lisa Milliken, MA, CCC, FNAP, CDP has served in many healthcare roles and is most passionate about mentoring healthcare professionals across the country. She discusses some of the triggers during the pandemic that further presents challenges for our mental health and well-being, who is at greater risk for negative impacts on mental health, some solutions to prevent the resulting mental health declines, and which strategies may work better than others!

When Grandma Has Dementia- How to Talk to Kids with Kathryn Harrison

Kathryn Harrison, author/illustrator of “Weeds in Nana’s Garden,” discusses what drove her to create her book, why her story is set in a garden, who helped her create her book, her second book titled “I Smile For Grandpa,” why these books are the right choice for families looking for a book about dementia and Alzheimer’s, and why it is so important to talk to kids about dementia!

End of Life Care and COVID-19 Restrictions with Angela Cross

Angela Cross from Compassus Hospice discusses hospice as a service and not a place, how hospice helps during COVID-19, advanced care planning during COVID-19, and comfort, safety, and quality of life!

The Dementia Roadmap with Lizette Cloete

Lizette Cloete, Occupational Therapist and Founder of “Think Different” Dementia, discusses: why staging dementia is important, what can be done to help families get “on the same page” regarding their loved one’s stages of dementia, what a dementia roadmap is, the importance of knowing dementia progression, whether to keep your loved one home until the end of life, and whether to bring your loved one with dementia home from a facility.

How the Alzheimer’s Association is Continuing to Provide Services During the Pandemic with Ann Marie McDonald

Ann Marie McDonald is the Chief Program Officer of the Houston and Southeast Texas chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. She discusses the resources that are available 24/7, types of caregiver support, the NEW people-centered care training for direct care workers, how the Association supports research, and US Pointer- the new risk reduction study enrolling in Houston!

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