Strategic Partnering

We have yet to meet an allied professional who did not see how this process could benefit both client and business alike. At Hegwood Law Group, we are more focused on the quality of the relationship and not the quantity of such. We practice due diligence when exploring potential partners and we invite you to do the same.

When considering partnering with either an individual or an organization, we first ensure that we begin our relationship on a foundation of shared values. To accomplish this we invite interested parties to arrange a meeting with our Director of Strategic Partnerships. This informal discussion, a “get to know each other” meeting, will help us decide if this is indeed a good fit for both of us. It can be held at your place of business or at a mutually agreed upon location.

After we have broken the ice and learned a little more about each other and the processes involved, we progress to the Synergy Interview. This structured meeting takes about an hour and a half to complete and is held at our offices. Upon successful completion, and if mutually agreeable, we work closely with you to initiate a sequence of events that will lead to a long, fulfilling and prosperous relationship.

Strategic Partner Development

Once a relationship has been established, we offer a suite of tools and resources to ensure your success. These include process mapping, sales materials, keynote speakers, continuing education, and one-on-one consultation to name a few, all at no cost to our partners. These partners then become an integral part of the total client experience and can look forward to sharing a relationship that will last throughout their natural life.

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